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About Us

Educational Path International Consultants (EPIC) offers high quality international student recruitment services with an international footprint and top class customer service.

We focus on quality students and strategic markets that achieve recruitment goals.

Our Vision

Impact the world, one student at a time.

Our Mission:

Match prospective students to World Class educational institutions around the world through global networks and partnerships.

Our Partners:

We have a wide range of university partners. Kindly visit Our Partners’ page to view all our partners

Our Services


Interlink International Universities to prospective students.

EPIC represents top ranked international universities across Africa, looking to recruit students
that wish to explore study abroad opportunities as they map out their college journey.

Assist interested students in all facets of enrolling in international universities.

EPIC student recruitment officers will support students from their course applications to
immigration processes, pre-departure orientation and arrival on campus.

Provide 360 placement services at no additional cost.

EPIC’s primary focus is to achieve top, research-based results for students making applications
to study abroad.

Provide students with an education service that is second to none

EPIC believes in providing educational services that build a strong magnet on students’ lives.

Entry exams.

EPIC assists students to take the right tests that are commonly used to assess prospective

Sports Diplomacy

There are thousands of international students engaged in competitive sports across the globe, whose athletic talents can earn them a scholarship into the U.S. and other global institutions.
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