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Educational Path International Consultants (EPIC ) is a developing and expanding organization. EPIC strives to diversify and reshape the path of global education and sports diplomacy for student athletes, as the world continues to evolve.

Consequently, international education should be based on building multiple skills, visioning unseen possibilities, for future implementation.

Competition in the world today brings unpredictable challenges and new situations. Parents have a huge responsibility in deciding on the educational path of their children, taking into account their children’s capabilities, needs and aspirations. EPIC constantly adapts accordingly to the evolving world dynamics that impose responsible changes in the academic world.

Interlinked with our commitment to global education and sports diplomacy , EPIC visions to promote the moral values; that will steer the students’ way through human complexities, enabling them to express themselves clearly and think critically. We value our responsibility today that leads to a more stable world in the future. Learning impacts and transforms the future.

We look forward to nurturing our growing network and implement world-class education.

Thank you for taking an interest in our work.

Let’s change the world, one student at a time.



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